Ulfgar Ironfist




Ulfgar is a 172 year old Hill Dwarf who comes from a long line of master smiths from his home settlement in the mountains. Ulfgar broke from tradition and took to the sailing life when he was nearing completion of his apprenticeship at about 80 years old, choosing instead to travel and sell his family’s wares. Ulfgar thought this was for the best as he created quite a bit of bad blood back home for Ulfgar had a problem: when he drank, he was incapable of moderation and quite frequently became aggressive starting more than a few tavern brawls. He believed to be bringing dishonour upon his family so he decided to take up the sailing life to keep him away from home as much as possible.

About 10 years ago, Ulfgar’s ship was attacked at sea by a kraken. The ship was taken down and every soul upon it was presumably lost at sea save for Ulfgar. Ulfgar washed up on shore and was found by a disciple of Kelemvor who took him in to recuperate. Ulfgar believed that this was a message from Kelemvor that there is work for Ulfgar to complete. Within a few days, Ulfgar found that he was able to call upon the strength and guidance of Kelemvor and has since become a strict disciple of Kelemvor. Ulfgar has also used to strength of Kelemvor to abstain from alcohol. He very rarely drinks but when he does, he falls back on old habits and moderation goes out the window.

Ulfgar has spent the last 10 years adventuring most notably taking down a Wyvern singlehandedly. During this 10 year period, Ulfgar has had no contact with his family assuming that believing him to be dead would be better for them and their honour.

Ulfgar Ironfist

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