Borders of the Imperium

Session 10

Trophy Hunters


Destruction and hardship is what remains of Isari. Several survivors of the knoll war have
gathered within the city to start rebuilding. The adventurers have returned inside the wayward
chimera to regroup and attempt to start up shop once more.
Upon the unexpected return of once thought lost Grog the bartender, Kroll and Ulfgar took it
upon themselves to find out exactly what happened. Grog explained that during the looting and
pillaging of the war, he caught 4 unknown bandits stealing our beloved trophy and took it upon
himself to chase and hopefully retrieve it back.
During his chase, Grog narrowly escaped death by hiding within a small crevasse undetected by
a retreating knoll army, or at least what remained of them. Although unable to retrieve the trophy
himself, he was able to return to us with direction of where the robbers had gone.
Kroll and Ulfgar not wanting to disturb the other companions from their work, hired a Elf named
Cidaris skilled with a bow and a particular keenness for traps. He would agree to help the
companions for a small fee of course.
A short trip to the cross roads brought the 3 to where Grog had described his hiding spot, they
were able to determine where the robbers had fled with their trophy but before they could
resume their pursuit, they had a small encounter with 4 Ghouls. No easy feat for mere mortals
but easily dispatched by these 3.
A quick horse ride west in pursuit took the adventurers to a tentative short cut called the
“pilgrims path”. 2 hours stuffed into a hole only big enough for 2 people and 1 dead horse later,
the 3 chose to turn back after finding out that this stupid “shortcut” was watch by some sort of
dragon who chose not to kill them and let them live another day.
taking the longer way around, the 3 companions found their way blocked off by a pair of
Manticores, after a sad attempt at politics, the 3 skilled fighters sprung into action killing both the
initial monster as well as its mate, making a small profit from merchants who had been blocked
off as well.
Another half days travel brought them to a small man named Connery trying to fix a wagon
wheel, they helped him and were then invited for dinner as thanks.
Once they arrived to this gentleman estate, they found that they were the second group to
arrive. They found 2 human mercenaries as well as a stupid lookiing although Giant human man
welding none other than our fucking trophy. Ulfgar and Kroll decided to play it cool. through a
strategic dance of bluffs and persuasion, Kroll was able to distract the mercenaries while Ulfgar
communicated in broken dwarfish to this Hrut the gigantic man and convince him to come work
for us at the Wayward Chimera and no longer be a slave. For a small price of course… 1
chimera head trophy.
the adventure ended with yet another stand off inside Connery’s house with an old friend, 1 red
haired mercenary bowman who had escaped Ebadullas compound when we took it. Through 1
very tense stand off, we agreed to let her go, to run away and never be seen again… hopefully.



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