Borders of the Imperium

Session 8

The Wake

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Caravan en route to Inverted castle with Governess to end siege.


Attacked en route


  • new demon type: female body with pale flesh, hideous teeth and lobster claws. Unrecognized by anyone. New type discovered, named by Narwen “Crusty Bitches”. See-Bees for short.

  • Nailo leaps into overturned carriage to protect the governess (or perhaps just for a good hiding spot)

  • To many demons for one simple caster like Jaganath to summon and control. Something is wrong.



  • note on killed cultist with ramblings, mentions the bones of the slain as temples, and something called The Wake.

  • While camped for the night Narwen awkwardly flirts with a seventeen year old human soldier. Gives him personal and practical demonstration on where half-elves come from. Also demonstrates poor stealth


The Inverted Castle

  • choking on her words, the Governess asks for help from the Knights of the Tarrasque while simultaneously lifting her siege upon them. Thankfully, Chief Exorcist Nuallan is loathe to refuse a chance to purge the land of demons.


  • Disease has already started to ravage the Governess' forces. This is strange as the siege has been ongoing for only a week


  • Nailo searches for a cause and inadvertently contracts smallpox from contaminated food. Problem identified!


  • Help in containing and eliminating disease solicited by Kroll from the Knights and their healers, useful in negotiating release of Exorcist Vikar (who is a paladin). It is determined that he will make his penance on the battlefield


  • Disease contained, but a quarter of the Isari forces are no longer in fighting condition.


The Wake

  • as it is supposed to be a source of power, the Wake is approached cautiously

  • first indications are iron spikes as tall as a man emerging from the ground

  • blighted ground where nothing grows

  • ambushed by cultist spell caster with spell scroll, fails at using it.

  • Ruins contain circular calendar, inspecting it causes the wizard Hari to experience it through the eyes of a reptilian sage. The sage grows worried as he studies cycles of the moon.

  • The wolf Falor is sent on a solo patrol of the perimeter. His end is predictably swift and gory.

  • In a rage of vengeance Narwen hunts down the small pack of gnolls responsible. A widespread excavation by cultists is discovered

Jaganath at a low stepped pyramid in the center of the site. Seems to be happy with what he has found despite being discovered by the heros. Orders his people to gather what they can and leave.

Heroes attempt to take out camp stealthily. On second camp one cultist uses a bone he has discovered and summons a balgura demon.

 Several camps and a wandering patrol eliminated, but many make it away as the heroes concentrate their attack

 Nailo takes it upon herself to evoke as many memories as she can by handling relics. Touching a set of leather bindings evokes the memory slaves being taken to sacrifice. The slaves are like slender upright apes, and they see the completion of the squat stepped pyramid on which they are to be sacrificed.

Heroes return to Nariswar to discover the gnoll army behind them.   



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