Borders of the Imperium

Session 6

New friends, familiar opponents

It’s mid-morning at the Wayward Chimera. Ulfgur and the new recruits, a half-orc named Kroll and a wood-elf named Narwen, are setting up for the day. Hara, one of the servers, pointed out to Ulfgar the Kvothe never returned; Ulfgar sends a message to him, and never receives a response.

Sanjeev, a local merchent, is noted to be sitting in a corner, alone. He looks as though he wants to speak with someone. Ulfgur and Kroll approach and take a seat beside him.

The merchant is concerned with regards to the wine trade; it has been noted that the incoming stocks of wine from the wineries north of Isari in Nariswar, specifically the world renowned Madad wine, are coming into the city in smaller caravans and less frequently. Merchants have been increasing their prices, and Sanjeev claims his business is taking a hit. He was hoping that the adventurers of the Wayward Chimera would be able to make the 2 day journey to Nariswar to investigate the issue.

Ulfgar, seeing this as a seemingly simple task, decides this would be a great opportunity to “break in” the new recruits. After some convincing, and an annoyed high-elf who ended up 50gp lighter (with and IOU of 100gp), the three companions stock up on some supplies at Gerbo’s before setting out onto the road.

The first days ride is uneventful. The companions set up camp in a small clearing off to the side of the road, and Narwen goes out with her wolf companion, Falor, to hunt some game. Narwen finds a body in some bushes, fitting the description of the bard Hara spoke of at the tavern. As she moves on Narwen comes face to face with a chimera. After a quick altercation, the chimera flies off, Ulfgar and Kroll arrive, and the companions make their way back to the campsite with Kvothe’s body,

The companions are startled awake by the chimera during the night. A hand-axe throw by Kroll makes the killing blow. They retrieve the heads, and take them back to Isari to be treated by a taxidermist for display at the tavern. As they arrive back in Isari they notice a mass exodus of soldiers, but no one they speak to seems to have an ideas about the increased military activity.

The companions journey north to Nariswar. The walls going up around the city have made no progress. The townsfolk are going about their business, the militia looks exhausted. After speaking with some militia men it is found out the Ebadulla Madad is no longer funding the building of the wall, and has recalled his staff from monitoring the perimeter of the town. The militiamen direct the group to Lata’s estate, where after a quick meeting it is confirmed the Ebadulla has pulled his wall funding and has begun to sell his personal items. A familiar face has been noted in Nariswar; a high elf with a broken nose was seen walking toward the Madad estate about a week back. The group makes their way to the Madad Estate.

The servant at the Madad estate claims that business seems to be going along as normal, that the Madad family is doing fine. He denies a high elf visitor with a broken nose, but Kroll noticed the servants tone and body language changed completely when directly questioned about the visitor. During the meeting with the head of the Madad household, Ebadulla claimed that business is fine, that they are sending out the same amount of wine, and that he is “comfortable”. He doesn’t seem concerned for himself or his business, although Lata seems to be struggling. He states he feels safe within his own walls, and is confident the gnolls will not be back. With that the group takes its leave to go to a local tavern.

At the tavern a lone dwarf is noted to be sitting at a table. Ulfgar goes over and sits down. The dwarf explains he is preparing to work the night shift, and is employed by Ebadulla. The dwarf is unable to discuss the nature of his employment, not even as a conversation between dwarves. He soon exits the tavern.

Narwen follows the dwarf out into the street at night. She tracks him behind the compound and sees a small pony drawn cart being loaded with chests. The dwarf sets off with his cart towards the north-west.

The three companions decide to track the dwarf and his cart. They follow on horseback, keeping a distance, during the moonlit night. Eventually they come to a stop when they see the small cart ahead. The team leads the horses off the road and walk them through the tall grass. As they approach, they tether the horses and make their way on foot. Narwen and Falor take the lead, staying low in the grass, moving forward to get a better view. The cart has stopped, the dwarf appears to be waiting for someone. As she is watching, Narwen hears a strange, unfamiliar sound above and around her. Two large, clawed feet land on the ground directly in front of her. She stays low, and still, the creature moves a few feet in front of her. She can see another caravan arriving at the dwarf, the chests are moved from the dwarfs cart to that of the new caravan. Their bluish armour is foreign to her. Falor, crouched low behind her, begins to pant, and the gnoll turns towards them. Falor begins his run towards Ulfgar and Kroll, who began their sprint to Narwen’s aid as soon as Ulfgar heard the gnolls calls.

The companions face off with a pack of gnolls, initially fairing well with 2:1 odds. Off in the distance reinforcements arrive, led by a powerful gnoll, with an other-worldy presence, in plate armour wielding a magic 3 headed mace. It is obvious to Narwen that these gnolls were the guard for the arriving caravan.

Ulfgar is immediately incapacitated by a single blow from the 3 headed mace, after insisting to the new recruits this battle is winnable! Kroll heals Ulfgar, and the team makes a break for their horses, leaving the fallen Falor behind.

The gnolls pursue for a short while, the team run their horses into the ground, but make it back to Nariswar by morning. The companions awaken Lata’s household and inform them of the gnoll attack, leaving out Madad’s possible involvement. The townsfolk make their way for the Madad estate, seeking sanctuary behind the walls. The companions leave for Isari to inform the Governess of the gnoll activity and their accusations against Ebudalla.

The Governess seems uninterested in the trials happening in Nariswar. Her troops are currently besieging the Inverted Castle after the death of one of her guards, a patrol killed by whom she thinks were the Knights of Tarrasque. Ulfgar informs the Governess of the escaped prisoner from the Underdark, who is most likely responsible for murdering her soldier, and that this prisoner was spotted in Nariswar.

The Governess agrees to send a small group of soldiers to Nariswar and investigate. The companions have a much needed rest, and Narwen meditates to call back her beloved Falor.



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