Borders of the Imperium

Session 14


Session 14: Nightstone

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Kroll, Nialo, Ulfghar, and Hari set off in pursuit of the castle on the cloud. It quickly outpaces the party, and upon arriving at the town of Nightstone two days later they find it abandoned, save for goblins seizing the opportunity to ransack. Boulders have fallen, apparently from nowhere, and crushed many buildings in town. In the centre of the town lies a pit where some manner of pillar once stood.

In the tavern they find an apparent survivor: a holy woman named Kella. She tells how she narrowly missed be crushed by a boulder in her room only hours ago. Pressing on towards the keep, they brush through a pair of goblins with hollowed out pumpkins on their heads playing a blind game of tag. As the goblins call to each other in turn, the party takes this opportunity to engage in recreational murder and snipe one, leaving the other to wonder if his opponent is cheating.

Turning their attention to the keep, they find bridge shattered. After crossing the gap,they enter to the hopeful welcome of the few remaining guards. The news is grim: a day and a half ago cloud came over the town and massive boulders fell from the sky. The villagers fled to the nearby caves and the Lady Velrosa Nandar, ruler of Nightstone, was killed in her bed by a falling rock. Some time after goblins came. Strangely, Kella has vanished. The party learns that the Dripping cave has been a refuge in the past and the party decides to head there to interview the remaining towns folk.

A simple link up is not in the cards. It seems that upon coming to this former refuge it was occupied by goblins and ogres who captured them immediately. The party quickly dispatches the ogres and the few remaining goblins flee. This prompts Ulfghar to cry out a defiant challenge to “Stand and fight!” He finds his demand obliged by an unexpected enemy as hideously deformed giant emerges from the darkness with a great bear in tow. After much battering the monstrosity is laid low and the townsfolk are finally rescued.

Upon arriving back in town the party are greeted by a peculiar sight: a cloud rests several hundred feet above the town with a single tower on it capped by a crystal ball. Stairs lead down into town and with little hesitation the party heads up. They are greeted by a twenty-five foot grey skinned giant with a beard of wispy cloud. He introduces himself as Arvandil, the former Lorekeeper of the giants. The party learns that the hierarchy of all giant kind, the Ordning, has been shattered and now giants of all castes seek to prove their mettle to the All-Father in their own way.

Perhaps greatest of the cloud giants is Countess Sansuri. It was at her direction that Nightstone was assailed and its namesake landmark taken. The Nightstone is a map to many things, but what she wants with it is still unknown.

Duke Zalto of the fire giants has made clear his intention to build a weapon of ultimate destruction, the Vonindod. His followers scour the world for the pieces they need.

From his flagship Kriegsvind, Jarl Storvald sails to conquor and plunder his way to the top of the new Ordning. Frost giant raiders are being seen more widely than ever before.

Thane Kayalithica of the stone giants concluded that the stone buildings of the small folk have desecrated the bones of the world. The All-Father will not favor giants again until the last of their structures have been shattered, and she will see this done.

Chieftain Guh seeks is the fattest of the hill giants, and as such is confident she will be given the pinnacle of the Ordning by becoming the largest giant there ever was. To this end her throng of husbands scour the countryside for even more vaguely edible people and things for her to stuff into her mouth.   

Arvandil says he has no ambitions for himself, but someone must succeed and claim rulership of the giants before turmoil brings ruin to all. The party asks: what possible impact  could they have on the councils of giants? in times like these the world needs heroes!

In the meantime, such heroes would be wise to prepare themselves against the wrath of evil giants. To this end there is likely no better place than the place where mightiest of dwarves smiths made his weapons against the giants, a place known to giants as the Forge of Fury.  



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