Borders of the Imperium

Session 11

Hunting the Fiery Demon Bull to the Ends of the Earth

While those of our party currently in Isari relax at the Wayward Chimera, enjoying a well earned 10 days of rest, the mayor has had barely a second's peace. Between rebuilding the town and the terrified citizens banging on his door at all hours, he’s starting to questions exactly why he ran for elected office in the first place. Fortunately he’s come up with a solution to one of these issues and has already secured the support of several prominent merchants and nobles to cover the cost. Groggy (from lack of sleep, not drink) but determined, he heads over to the Wayward Chimera, confident that once again this odd band of adventurers will not let him down.


The mayor enters the bar to find Ulfghar, Nim, Hari and Kroll trying with limited success to teach a foreign giant some basic words in the Common tongue. Being used to this sort of thing from this group, the mayor doesn't bat an eye, but instead launches right into his pitch. 1350GP worth of fine goods if our brave band will hunt down and kill the fiery demon bull that rampaged through the town. Confused, since the demon bull has not been spotted since, Ulfghar asks why spend so much money hunting a creature that no one has heard even a whisper of since the Great Battle for Isari. Apparently, the mayor explains, the children in the town are so terrified of this living nightmare, that they can no longer sleep. The poor parents, at wits end, have been pleading with the mayor to do something to kill the beast once and for all, so their children can feel safe once more. The nobles happily agreed to forking over large amounts of goods and gold to anyone who can slay this beast. It only takes a few seconds for the party to exchange glances, before Nim pipes up and agrees to undertake the quest on behalf of them all. Even though he never doubted they would let him down, the mayor feels great relief and sleepiness. Kindly Ulfghar escorts him up to a bed, while the rest begin planning their new quest.


Yetu (friend of Chirpy the fruitbat and possibly of Jamaican origin) appears and offers to help track the bull demon. Yetu states that the beast was last seen at the Village of Sister’s Quarrel and that they can track him from there. They head off to the now infamous village and find a building crushed in the exact same fashion as they witnessed in Isari when the beast charged through buildings as though they were made of sticks, not stones. And so they set out in pursuit of the demon bull creature.


Fortunately for our heroes, being persistently on fire makes it quite easy for others to track you and they follow the scorch marks through woods, through grassy hills that become increasingly more barren, until 2 days later they find themselves in open desert. They begin the treacherous journey across the desert. Yetu, being a master of survival manages to find small amounts of water, but they never seem to be quite enough. Clad in his plate armour, Ulfghar becomes exhausted by the journey through the scorching sand, but still he pushes on.


After 2 days of crossing the desert, they see many shapes wavering in the distance ahead. They approach what appears to be a large caravan and confirm that this is not a mirage when hailed by a Bedouin from the group. He’s quite surprised to see them, in all his years of traveling the salt trail, he has never once comes across travelers walking out of the open desert. Even among his people who have lived their lives in the desert, traveling off the road is considered foolhardy if not downright suicidal. Always eager for the newest and best equipment our party inquires into the goods the caravan is moving. Disappointingly, they have no magical nunchucks, however they have something equally valuable (note: equally, because magical nunchucks are just that awesome). The Bedouin produces from a pocket hidden in the many folds of his robe a small round sphere, translucent and about the size of a grape. He calls it a Dust of Dryness Ball and explains that it is a rare item of limited quantity throughout this world. When crushed it expands to create a 15ft-cubed pool of water. He states the one of them is more than enough to water his entire caravan of 50 camels and their accompanying humans for over a day. After much haggling and internal debate among the party, they purchase 3 balls for 900GP and set out on their way once more.


That night as they bed down beside a small fire, Nim draws the short straw and keeps watch. Suddenly but quietly, enchanting beautiful music breaks the silence, drawing Nim to his feet. Ulfghar, also awakens, and as though under a spell Nim and Ulfghar walk out into the black desert night following the music. Ulfghar kicks some sand on Hari as he passes by. Hari is also enchanted by the music and almost rises to follow them before realizing how strange it is to hear music in a desert in the middle of the night. Suspicious, Hari wakes Kroll and together they set out after Nim and Ulfghar who are a couple hundred yards ahead. Nim, leading the pack, starts to slide slowly down a sandy slope. The slope steepens, leading down to a small flat area surrounded by cliffs on the other 3 sides. As he slides, Nim notices the most beautiful naked female elf, sitting on the cliffs and singing to him. Entranced, he fails to notices a large grey cone-headed beast that erupts from the sand, grabbing Nim in his jaws. Thankfully, Ulfghar arrives at this point and attacks the Bulette, while Nim continues to hang from its jaw, smiling vacantly around him. Hari and Kroll arrive and seeing the Harpy for what it truly is, a nasty, leathery winged creature. They attack it. At the sound of its scream, 2 other Harpies fly out of a nest in the cliffs and a furious battle commences, while below Nim finally snaps out of it and joins Ulfghar battling the Bulette. The combined might of Hari and Kroll is too much for the Harpies and the last succumbs to a fireball that Hari summons. Just as they head over to join in the battle against the Bulette. The Bulette, having been grievously hurt by Ulfghar, and barely scratched by Nim, decides he’s had enough of this and attempts to burrow back into the sand. His injuries slow him and with his rear end and tail hanging out, Nim attacks, determined to redeem himself for his poor showing earlier in the battle. He utters a tiny, but bloodthirsty cry as he plunges his whole arm deep into the Bulette’s asshole, grabbing and tearing at everything he can on the way out. The Bulette gives one finally shudder and then collapses, half-buried into the sand. The battle won, Kroll begins to pry off his scales for Hari, who wants to try and make some armour out of them. Hari heads over to the Harpy corpses where something seems to be glinting in the sunlight. He finds a masterpiece of a necklace, 5 large jewels of different colours on flanges 5 making a mace-head like pendant on a chain. Slowly, Hari lowers it over his neck, a little concerned it might have some odd effect on him, but all that happens is the thought “Damn, I’m looking good!”


The 4 head slowly back to their campsite, exhausted from the battle. They find Yetu still sleeping (as he is notorious for doing during battle unless one of them drags him along). And they lie down beside him to rest and recover. They awake refreshed and head out across the desert once more. They continue along the scorched path and notice walls of stone slowly rising on either side until they find themselves in a deep canyon. They continue along the canyon for some way, before coming to a junction, with 3 paths ahead of them and one behind. By each path, carved into the rock they find a symbol. After much debate, they decide the symbol to the Left appears the least ominous and begin walking down the path. The path winds and descends into an even deeper canyon until they come to a teardrop shaped room where the path terminates. Alone in the centre of the room they see a statue of a tornado in humanoid form, worn by the sand. As they cautiously approach, they notice the very sun seems dimmed in this room, as though it was being covered by a layer of windblown sand, but they feel no wind. They come to the statue and as Hari attempts to detect any magical properties it may have, Nim moves forward and places a hand on it. Immediately, he feels the wind, a stronger wind than he has ever felt and a wind filled with the deepest hatred. Sand begins to blow around the entire room and out of the sand and wind an Elemental creature appears and attacks. As they turn to face the elemental, a wraith steps out of the statue. A fierce battle begins and our party splits to attack both the elemental and the wraith. Yetu, moves towards the wraith, as he does so it rushes at him and passes through him as though smoke. Yetu collapses and ages a thousand years before the parties eyes. Before they can react, a spectre arises from his corpse and attacks. Naturally, our kickass band of heroes kills them all. Unfortunately Yetu is beyond reviving and they are forced to leave his body behind.


Finding nothing else down this path, they return to the forks and this time take the Centre path. They only walk a little ways down before Nim hears faint chanting in the distance. Motioning the others to stay put, he stealths forward using all his skills as a monk to stay completely silent. He pops his head over a mound of sand and sees a sentry standing directly in front of him and in a circular room ahead, a man stretched naked in the sand surrounded by 4 cultists in robes and 2 Crusty Bitches. Silent but deadly, he slits the sentry’s throat and drags the body back to the rest of the group, leaving a wide trail of blood in the sand. They set off together to kill them all, as they approach one of the CBs swallows the man tied on the ground through her vagina and promptly swells to an enormous size. Knowing what comes next, our heroes charge at her, but before they can kill her, 2 gross demon babies drop out of her. They battle it out, kill them all, and afterwards our heroes trudge slowly back to the forks, where Nim finds a perfect sheltered spot for them to take a rest and recuperate before heading down the final path.


They awaken feeling refreshed, if not slightly frustrated at the time they wasted down the other 2 paths and they set out down the path to the Right. They come to a large open space, with many crumbling buildings and 2 statues of ancient warriors guarding the entrance. Standing at the entrance, they see far ahead of them a strangely out of place grassy hill. And sitting on this perfectly manicured green grass is the fiery demon bull. They begin to approach when the bull charges, Nim and Hari manage to dive out of the way, but still sustain damage as he runs past. The fight begins, and after a few seemingly ineffectual attacks, Kroll manages to cram one of the Dust of Dryness Balls into the beast’s mouth, jamming it in the gums, he then swings his sword at his jaw with all his might. With a powerful gush to ball explodes and the creature rears, screaming in pain as his fire is briefly extinguished. But he soon pulls himself together, reignites and attacks once more. They continue striking with swords, battle axes and obsidian daggers. They do some damage, but still the beast continues to fight. Hari tries desperately to find an opening to use his own Dust of Dryness ball, but none occurs. Finally, Kroll delivers a mighty blow with his sword right down the middle of the beast’s face. He doesn’t quite manage to cleave it in half, but the effect is still quite impressive and the creature falls over dead. Nim grabs one of the horns as the rest of the demon bull turns to ash around him, he holds the horn intact. They see a statue sitting on the grassy knoll and approach. It’s Yeenogu. After learning his lesson from his previous statue-touching exploits, Nim puts his hands into his pockets. Finding nothing else, they set out for home. Fortunately, they learned many tracking skills from Yetu on the journey out and are able to make their way home without getting lost.


They return and head to the mayor’s office, finding him asleep at his desk. Hari climbs into the rafters and sets a spotlight onto Nim, the mayor awakes at the bright light to see a small Halfling standing in front of him holding a bull’s horn nearly a tall as he is. Nim hands the horn to the mayor and as the mayor takes it into his hands, it turns to ash. The mayor is thrilled at their success and gives them all the goods they were owed. And together they set out to the Wayward Chimera for a well-deserved drink or two (or 7).




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