Borders of the Imperium

Session 9

The Assault on Isari

Isari assaulted by combined force of hobgoblins, cultist, mercenaries and gnolls.

Forced march brings the enemies to the gates much faster than anticipated. 

Gate to Isari mysteriously opens, allowing enemy to enter. Vikar races forward to hold the enemy while a second battle line can form inside the city. 

Party rushes to close the gate. Find guards have deliberately opened it and pinned it open. 

Portcullis finally closes with a crash, slowing the tide to a trickle. 

Party holds the gate until a summoned buring bull demon crashes the remains of the portcullis. 

Party rescues Vikar when he is surrounded. 

battle line holds at market street

Balor summoned by enemy, immediately flies to Isari citadel. 

Gerbo rescued from his shop



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